A car shipping quote is based on a number of factors which the haulage company or shipping company will take into account.

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Distance and length of time it will take to reach the final destination is a number one factor which is taken into consideration in the first instance, in other words, the further and longer it takes to reach, the higher the cost. Whilst this can be taken as a rule of thumb, it is not the case in every instance as there are other factors which influence cost such as popularity of the route, how many vehicles the shipping company will take at the same time as yours. Transporting a vehicle to the Costa del Sol will work out more economical than transporting a vehicle to other countries such as Bulgaria. The distance is roughly similar, however, there are far more vehicles shipped out to Spain from the UK than what there are being shipped out from the UK to Bulgaria.

Flexibility of delivery will also have an effect on 미국배송대행 the pricing. In order to reduce costs and remain competitive, car shipping agents will try to cater for as many clients as possible, hence why, should you be able to provide a certain amount of flexibility in the delivery date then you will more than likely be rewarded with a lower price. However, if your dates are fixed and there is no alternative you will incur a slightly higher transportation fee.

Other important factors to keep in mind are things such as where the vehicle will be delivered to. If your vehicle will be collected from your doorstep and dropped off at your doorstep at your desired destination then this will be a higher price than delivering the vehicle to the shipping agent’s depot and arranging a delivery point such as a local landmark near to the final destination.

On other words, route and time to reach destination; times flexibility in delivery dates; times additional services equals the price you will be quoted to have your vehicle shipped.

And finally, make sure you read through the contract of transportation thoroughly, this includes the small print. Make sure that the shipping company is fully compliant of local laws where they will be transporting your vehicle through as well as making sure that they are fully insured to transport your vehicle and should the unexpected happen, what their liability will be in respect compensation as well as replacing/ repairing your vehicle in order to return it to you in the same condition as it was entrusted to them.8