How Do You Become a Web Designer? Do You Have What It Takes?

Nobody likes being ripped off – especially if they’re in commercial enterprise.

Yet most organizations are paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to their net dressmaker for shoddy, substandard paintings. Are you?

Luckily, there is a short and clean manner to discover.

Go to:http://validator.W3.Org, kind to your internet Branding Seattle site deal with and click at the “Check” button.

If the page you notice says “failed validation” in crimson writing, you may want to talk in your internet dressmaker – especially if there are extra than a handful of errors.

Is your internet fashion designer one of the cowboys?

Unless you own a cattle ranch, you probable do not want to employ cowboys. You sincerely wouldn’t put up with substandard work from a builder or electrician, could you? What about an accountant that did not recognize tax legal guidelines, would you want them handing your finances?

Well, most web designers produce websites which are shoddy and substandard – and worst of all they do not even understand it.

How can I inform if my site isn’t always up to traditional?

Many professions and industries have requirements. With some professions, like remedy or law, you want a qualification before you even begin doing it. Other industries, like food processing or production, are not so strict about instructional qualifications, but they do have standards that should be met – like health and safety or food hygiene standards.

There’s no instructional qualification you want if you want to end up an internet designer. All you need is a laptop with net get entry to and the self assurance (or in some instances vanity) to name yourself a web designer.

However, even though many people (and most internet designers) do not know it – there are standards for websites.

What’s more – it’s clearly clean to check your internet site to peer if it is up to standard. All you need to do is go to a website (http://validator.W3.Org/) and you may check your web site.

What are Web Standards?

Websites are programmed the usage of a laptop language called HTML. There’s a right manner to application HTML and there’s a incorrect manner. The right manner to program HTML is referred to as “Web Standards,” anything else is the incorrect way.

The distinction among the proper and wrong manner to program a website is technical – so in case you’re a business proprietor you do not want to understand the information.

However, you do need to keep in mind that if your internet designer hasn’t used Web Standards it approach:

Your website will do worse in Search Engines – so that you’ll get much less visitors
It will take longer to down load – so that you’ll lose greater of the traffic you do get
It should fee you more to hold the website
It’s more difficult (and more highly-priced) to make adjustments to the internet site
Up to 40% of humans may not be capable of see your website properly due to the fact they use special form of pc or web browser than your internet designer.
Your website online is probably now not going to be available to human beings with disabilities – that could imply you may fall foul of your local incapacity discrimination legal guidelines
Of path, you may not have most of these problems in case your internet dressmaker hasn’t used Web Standards – but you will absolutely have a number of them.

If my website online fails to validate does that mean it would not use Web Standards?