The main difference between American manga and Japanese manga

Most people might think that when they hear the word comics then everything is wherever it comes from all the same comics. This does not occur because even though the American manga and Japanese manga are the same in the sense that they both tell a story about the form of paperback, the design is actually very different. One of the main differences in these two manga โดจิน is how everything is excessive in the Japanese version for example in some of the mostly drawn manga and shows the stone effect that is almost a gem of them while in the American manga everything is more realistic.

Another major difference is that most Japanese manga printed in the form of black and white and has several hundred pages per book while American manga is colored and has around 32 pages per book. There are also sizes of books that present two different types of manga. Manga from Japan will be much smaller than the American manga book. For this reason, Japanese manga is also cheaper than American manga because they use black and white ink and a smaller page which means that they can sell at a lower cost and still get profit. The American Manga also has unique sales points against Japanese manga as well as in color and is in a larger book. The main benefit of this is that the American version does not have a dozens of pages so that it is detailed and not too thought of one scene while Japanese manga has hundreds of pages and so it has many scenes that are very similar to the results in Japanese manga reading quickly and there isn’t much for Take a few pages while Americans run at a speed that is much slower with many details on each page that requires readers to read.

In my opinion the main main difference in two manga is not so much they include but in reality how they are deemed and stereotyped by the community. American manga has long been a stereotype as a childish thing for children and adolescents to stay and use their time with, while for Japanese manga there are genres and types for everyone and it is seen as everyone’s Japanese manga and not only for the age group certain.